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HQL application???

Is this availible yet? Id like to get the ball rolling on this. I dont really want to be stuck in a year or two back log of crap. Livescan is right up the street from my job so this cant be but so bad.


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It's not even law yet and won't become law until as early as October 1st, so no, you cannot start the process until it becomes law.
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Plus... this assumes they would want to make it easy to do...

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I can't even begin to imagine how much of a CLUSTER *UCK this process will be.

I've made my "pen to paper-gun in home" prediction of 5 Months (MINIMUM).

30 day application + 60 days to find range time + 60 day background check.

The Unicorn Crowd bitches about a 35 dollar Voting card fee, but they're happier than pigs in $hit when hitting us with a 350 dollar Second Ammendment fee.

I see great things coming out of the court system in the near future.

Gun owners unite!!!
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