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foxtrapper August 30th, 2010 09:15 PM

Trapping in MD
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Since the coyote thread turned into a trapping thread, I thought since there is interest, that there should be a seperate thread just about trapping.

To start, here is the list of furbearers you can trap in MD:
-red fox
-grey fox
-striped skunk
-fisher (2 per season, must be tagged)
-river otter (up to 10 per season, must be tagged)

I've caught all but nutria, fisher, weasel, and coyote. I also used to nuisance trap, so I know how to trap groundhogs. I have extensive knowledge on trapping red fox, raccoon, mink, creek and pond living muskrats, beaver, and otter.

The pics: 1st is 2 foxes caught in the same set. The hay set uses 2 traps, and these 2 jan lovers both hit the set at the same time. 2nd and 3rd are the same otter, 2nd pic shows what I saw on approach and shows the set location and type, 3rd is the otter after I pulled it from the water. 4th is a raccoon caught in a blind set along a culvert/bridge abuttment. 5th is a mink caught in a blind set 110 set under a root overhang along a stream edge. 6th is 5 catches out of 9 traps I had set the day before along a small section of the same creek. 7th is an early nov fox double using hay sets.

WSM August 30th, 2010 09:56 PM

So how do you kill the foxes? Bullet to the brain or baseball bat?

E.Shell August 30th, 2010 10:00 PM

Thanks for the pics FoxTrapper!

I used to do a little recreational fur trapping and in the 70s actually made some ammo money on reds. Most recently, I've only gone after problem animals when necessary.

I've successfully trapped muskrat, nuisance beavers, raccoon and fox. Caught a grinner now and then. Not many skunks in the areas I've trapped, though I did screw up and shoot one with a .22 Hornet one time. Live trapped the coons in the old Tomahawk box traps and sold them to a local hunt club for their catch & release festivities and starting puppies.

Only seen one fisher in my life, out in Garrett County on the edge of a hemlock thicket in about 1973.

Mink were seldom seen and had probably been trapped out of the few water trapping areas I worked. I do see a lot more of their tracks around, but in areas where trapping would be awkward due to (illegally) free ranging pets. Otters are much more common than they used to be, but don't seem to hang around any given area long enough to target.

Nutria...I just blast nutria and they are actually ruining a lot of good muskrat habitat.

As I had mentioned in the other thread, I know of some spots where coyotes are becoming plentiful enough to trap, but likely too hard to hunt. I need to get a few larger traps and will likely take your advice on the MB550s. I have a few #4 double long springs I used for drowning sets, but they're too cumbersome for land trapping.

E.Shell August 30th, 2010 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by WSM (Post 770207)
So how do you kill the foxes? Bullet to the brain or baseball bat?

We've always tapped them on the bridge of the nose with a stout stick, which knocks them out cleanly. Then put a foot on the ribs to prevent breathing and humanely suffocate it while it's out.

Reckon I'd brain a coyote with my trusty .22 pistol, vs going hand-to-hand.

foxtrapper August 30th, 2010 10:55 PM

#4 dbl longsprings probably exceed the inside jaw spread regulation for land trapping( something like 5 3/4"). Interestingly enough though, the #3 softcatch has an inside spread right at about 5.5", so is legal.

joemac August 31st, 2010 02:56 PM

I've pretty much made up my mind I'm going to get started at this, this year. I'm working a little extra to buy traps and supplies.

I'm thinking I'm going to target grays, raccoons, muskrat, potentially a beaver and skunks. I'm fairly certain the gray fox/raccoon/skunk will come to the same set in my area. There seem to be plenty of them cruising around.

So, if I have assumed correctly I am going to need 1.5 coil spring traps for most of it. The 110 conibear will work for muskrats. Are conibear traps allowed on land?

Correct me if anything I say is wrong or doesn't make sense. I'm learning as I go. I'm planning on picking up some used traps.

What does a trapper carry all his junk in while on a trap line? Is there any rule of thumb the number of traps to set in one area? I've got access to 2 bogs (that's what we've always called them, they are really just a group of trees that hold water in very wet years) that are 2-3 acres in size in the middle of a large bean field.

Say I make a set along a stream. Is there any general rule as to how far down the next set will be or does it go by the animal sign?

joemac September 7th, 2010 01:32 PM

Well, good news. While on the MD Fur Trappers website I see where they are having an advanced trapping education course up in Garrett County. The application says it's too late but upon talking to one of the officers they said to just show up and they will do the paperwork on the spot. Should be a good experience.

foxtrapper September 7th, 2010 06:14 PM

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For anything else, free free to ask me any trapping related questions when you are actually out there doing it and get into a quandry. I always give free trapping advice- and free skinning/prep demos for anyone close enough who wants to make an appt during the season. LOL I even know how to delicately remove skunk glands before skinning, but please don't come dragging any in that have already stink bombed ( I can also teach you a way to dispatch skunks where they almost never spray).

BTW I have a bunch of traps I want to sell. I need to clean em up ( excess rust or plain dirty). There are 1.5's including the really good round jaw Montgomeries and some offset jaw Sleepy Creeks, #1 coilsprings ( good on coons), and some 110's and #55 body grips. I plain have too many traps, I'm always going to be too busy to run a long line LOL. I'll keep my #11's ( I love em!), my softcatches ( good PR), my coyote sized stuff, some 110's, my #2 victor square jaws ( great mink trap), and my bigger body grips.

Here's a pic of my first fox I trapped. I caught her back in dec 2000 and finally mounted her up about 2 years ago. Pretty one isn't she?

Karl/PA September 7th, 2010 06:20 PM

How do you trap for striped skunks when both striped and spotted are in the same area?

joemac September 7th, 2010 06:31 PM

I'd be interested to hear how you dispatch skunks without them spraying. I am pretty sure it's inevitable that I'm going to catch one in my area. They are as prevalent as squirrels.

Foxtrapper, I'm very interested in your used traps. If you could shoot me a PM with a list of traps you have and the price your looking for I most likely be prepared to make the trip up there to get them.

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