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Originally Posted by chauncey View Post
I am Not a Lawyer

Pennsylvania has preemption that prohibits local jurisdictions from passing gun laws.

In spite of this some local jurisdictions like Philly pass gun laws and try to enforce them anyway. Until they lose a lawsuit for enforcing such laws, illegally.

So keep it concealed.

When I carried in Philly I also carried less expensive firearms in the event I was stopped while legally carrying and my firearm was unlawfully confiscated by Philly PD and I didn't want to hire a lawyer to get it back.
Philly has no problem with concealed carry, well except they don't like it. They do however have disdain for open carry, which is legal with a LTCF. From what i have read on pafoa (pa's mdshooters) and seen from viper, a user there most Philly cops will argue you must conceal. But alas open carry is legal in Philly. And the have had thier peepees smacked for arresting people for it and will now just try to use ego to get you to conceal.

I have concealed there many times and have had zero issues.

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