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Originally Posted by DucksRFlyin View Post
Farmers? Where? You mean the "in-ground commodity factories" for Monsanto and their Big Gov DoA and UN buddies? In this area ( ES) it's near impossible to find a 'farmer' - someone actually growing something identifiable as 'real food'.

Hog loss = Another tax write-off to go with the subsidies and artificially inflated commodity prices to keep your "farmer" in his new pick up truck every couple years. That and Monsanto's fully paid tropical island fishing trips keep him dumb and happy until the system has fully replaced him with automation - maybe 20 years away at the current rate.

Let the hogs thrive! Hunt them. They are tasty and serve a purpose. It's God's way of eating at the edges of 'the machine' and giving us hunters another chance to survive. Declaring an animal as "evil " or even 'bad' just furthers their agenda of stepping us all further away from Creation and is another version (albeit inverted) of 'Animal Worship'.

Hogs in Texas resulted a whole industry where we can now pay to ride in a helicopter and use Class3 Select-fire rifles ( Yes Bloomberg- real 'weapons of war') to chase the critters down and celebrate BBQ ! Good practice too.
Lol, tell us how you really feel.

Did you learn what little you know about taxes and business at 'Kramers school of TV economics' ?

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