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ed bernay ed bernay is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 131
Originally Posted by swamplynx View Post
I’ve been looking at Bucks. A few friends grew up there that speak highly of the area. Has a lot of the same benefits of the DMV; close to the beach, close to a river with marinas for a boat, close to the mountains, and close enough to a city. How are the public schools? PHL is a bit of a hike and a dump of an airport, but you can’t have it all. From sample listings I’ve looked at property taxes aren’t great compared to DC (which has surprisingly low property taxes), but damn, that 3% PA income tax would be a windfall. Between the wife an I, depending on how bad the property tax ended up being, would probably net another $10k in the pocket. Not to mention no commie gun laws. In many ways, for people still within peak career income potential, seems like a much better option than DE or NC, which are generally far from a major city and not super competitive on the income tax front (both ~6% though still better than DC or MoCo). I don’t mention VA, because I fear it is too far gone. My only fear in PA is the ability for local jurisdictions to slap on new school taxes willie nilly. What about vehicle registration fees / taxes? That is how places like NH get you. If you can’t tell, I hate giving my money to the government.
Sorry for the late reply. I have not been on in awhile. Since I am in Yardley, Philly is about 40 minutes south of me. I can also fly out of Trenton Mercer airport in NJ which is right over the Delaware River from me. Probably less than 10 minutes from my house. Frontier Airlines flies from there. They fly to a few different cities from there. Yardley is close to almost everything which is why I chose to move here. Upper Bucks is more rural which I prefer but I had to compromise in order to be able to commute.

It depends where you are in Bucks. Public schools vary from mediocre to excellent. Morrisville school district is not that good but Council Rock is supposed to be excellent. I am in Pennsbury which is good but not as good as Council Rock.

if I remember correctly, car registration for two years was $80. Don't quote me on it though. I think there is a limit of how much school taxes can be raised. I pay around $1600 school taxes plus about $4200 property taxes.
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