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Originally Posted by IMBLITZVT View Post
Well thats tough... I volunteered to moderate the forum so I get a front row seat for the complaints. You want the job? You are welcome to it! Seriously its getting old. We have a bunch of people making it look like the AGC is not a good place to shoot. I could do what others do and just start deleting posts like this. Or I can reply and push you guys to do more than just complain on the internet. It at least had positive affect on one who took up my challenge.

I have three kids a wife that works and a full time 8-5+ job. Its hard for all of us to get there.

You guys complain when I just delete posts, you complain when I try to straighten out your insanity... I can tell you this, this forum, paid for by the AGC is NOT going to turn into a place where people come to just bitch about the AGC and give it a bad undeserved reputation. If it continues, I will suggest to the AGC that we eliminate this forum and stop being an IP. I was the one that stuck my neck out, made a motion to have this forum and I feel that its duty as the moderator that the AGC gets a fair shake on this forum. You don't like that... feel free to post somewhere else or offer to take over the job for me. I too have better stuff to do with my time!

People are not making the AGC look bad, they are doing that by the way theyíve handled this new policy. That specifically is well deserved.
The AGC overall is a good place, most people here arenít denying that.
Personally I couldnít make the trustee meeting because I had an event at my daughters school. Iíve written my club leadership and they donít give two sh*ts what I had to say. Even if I could have gone to the trustee meeting, why bother, itís not like theyíre going to listen anyways.
To top it all off, you basically came back here to gloat that no one followed your suggestion about making a motion at the meeting.
Youíve said youíre against the new fee but it sure doesnít seem like it.
Anyway, Iíve said my piece, Iíve got better things to do. Time to move on.
Good day.

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Originally Posted by rseymorejr View Post
I've been to enough Trustees' meetings to know that when an issue is pre-decided, it happens. Enough Charter Club trustees are brought onboard before the motion is even made. I voted with my feet. I joined SLCFSA last Sunday. A little closer to me (no Beltway!) Half the cost of the AGC , nice people and they have nice ranges, going out to 300 yards. I'll miss shooting at the AGC, they probably won't miss me or my $200.

I just mapped it, AGC is 1 hour and 1 minute from my house, SLCFSA is 59 minutes
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Jerry M
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So what does SLCFSA charge for a guest?
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I would close the thread. People wouldn't go into the Engage Armament thread and start posting about lower prices at other gun stores, and I don't think that is the appropriate use the AGC IP forum.

Just my opinion.

Too many people on the cart, not enough people pulling it.
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Originally Posted by IMBLITZVT View Post
Ok, well when you ask a question, I assume you actually asking. I have no problem saying the above. I think anyone smart enough to understand money knows that the value of money over time makes a significant difference. There are some, like Bryant, who would rather borrow money. I am not one of them and I liked the method above and I would consider using it in my own club. Loans take on risk that the AGC does not need. What if a gun ban in MD drops membership and we can't pay back the loan? Also don't count your chickens before they hatch... It might look like $125k loss for the simple minded. Now how many of those people will die, move, stop shooting....etc in 15 years? How many would have stopped buying AGC range badges in those 15 years? You guys act like this money is banked. Its not and I assure you that it would not be. As far as the money over time, when I bought my house, the government let me borrow $7.5k for 17 years, repaying $500 a year after 2 years. Of course I took the money! Already the money I received would have bought considerably more than the money will when I pay it back to the Government. If you don't understand this idea... I don't know what to tell you. 2019 $125 will probably be equal to $150k of 2033 money if not more.

So whenever you are ready to give me an interest free loan... I am ready to accept it! Let me know...

I do agree they spend in ways I might not. To many RSOs... IMO...etc. However you find me 5 people that agree on how to spend the money. Now do it for a club of 3000. I would pay off the rental houses and build sporting clay ranges... etc. I would rather not update the rentals. However I am not willing to put in the work either. What Bryant is doing is no Secret. I disagree with him on some and he surely knows that. I agree on others. I think he was against the 15 year badge. I don't expect a guy that worked where he did is a moron. He is an upfront and honest person. Just because you disagree does not mean he is the guy working behind the scene pulling strings. Its clear what he thinks and he will talk to you about it... I have many times... have you?
First, By your response, I must have hurt your feelings. Too bad. I stand by what I have said. I wouldn't attempt to insult my intelligence if I were you.

Second, as for talking to Bryant, I have many, many times. He is very intelligent but, he also has a huge ego. He will boast about his behind the scenes escapades and has done so on many occasions. Because he likes to boast, he is and has been an excellent source of information. I'm smart enough to play that game.

Lastly, I have made my decision as to the AGC. The inmates are running the asylum and there are too many overinflated egos. Couple that with the safety incident that they have done their best to not bring to light and that is all. There was an incident report filed by the RSO but, that went nowhere. I first joined in 1979. 2019 was my last year as a badge holder. 40 years!
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Originally Posted by ericoak View Post
I would close the thread. People wouldn't go into the Engage Armament thread and start posting about lower prices at other gun stores, and I don't think that is the appropriate use the AGC IP forum.

Just my opinion.
I was trying to leave it open, wondering if anything would come of the Trustee meeting and I was hoping to let Homewood get a chance to say something as I figured a few more reasonable people might want to go that way. Thats all done now. As you can see, I have been thinking the same, its really pretty rude and inappropriate as you point out. Others want to let it "fade into oblivion"... wish granted... Thread locked.
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