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Originally Posted by Sling Blade View Post
I assume you saw the video in number #52. I made it as far as "I've been around guns my whole life BUT...." and hit "stop.

I suspect that character was a plant, paid to say that, but in the chance that he wasn't that does planty for the old "divide and conquer" Stockholm Syndrom crap.

As affirmed by the Heller decision, which libtard legislatures everywhere seem to be conveniently ignoring, the 2A protects arms that are currently in common use. That, in my mind, was it's original intent. It just so happened that "common use" at that time meant muskets and blunderbusses. It's all they had, so it's what they fought with.

Fast forward to today, no one can deny that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the country, with millions sold since 1963, which from where I sit puts it well within the protective confines of the 2A.

My take is this. Any government that wants to ban, or even simply regulate, anything that would provide the slightest tactical edge against it in the context I defined, or reduce that edge at all, has NO legitimate authority to do so regardless of what a few duck hunters with Stockholm syndrome may think and has FAR exceeded it's Constitutional limitations. End of freakin' story.
You got that right
2A ... Federal Constitutional Preemption

Thus, the only inquiry that this Court should conduct is to determine whether the firearms prohibited by the Act are protected by the Second Amendment. Because they are, the Act is simply unconstitutional.
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